Friday, July 10, 2020

Tragedy: Died Taking Video of Tornado

This makes me ill.
This is at least the second time a man has died taking video of a tornado approaching. The 2015 video is below.

I am posting the above video so that you will be able to tell your friends you have seen what it is like when a tornado approaches and destroys your home. Your curiosity hopefully sated, you won't feel compelled to take your own video in a similar situation. Instead, take shelter when a tornado warning is issued.

In the case of Wednesday's tornado, a number of storm chasers took extreme risks which I want to go on the record as condemning. After a fair amount of consideration, I'm going to post the video below. The scene at the end was taken far too close for safety. You will never see closer, clearer video of a tornado  --  so now that you have seen this, there is no reason for you to photograph a tornado at  close range. 

It is not worth sacrificing your life and your family to take a video of a tornado!

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