Comparing President Obama's and President Trump's Approach to Weather Hazards and Public Appearances

President Obama in Illinois on Memorial Day 2010. "This may not be safe."
There were thunderstorms in the area, gusty winds and heavy rains. It wasn't safe for the spectators.

With Tropical Storm Fay in the area, President Trump decided to cancel his speech in Portsmouth, NH tomorrow evening. Here is the AccuWeather forecast for 2pm Central/3pm Eastern. As I understand it,
the doors were to open at 6pm. So, lightning, wind gusts to 34 mph, and rain were forecast while people would be lining up for the President's event -- hardly a safe situation. To me, it seems like a cancellation was the responsible thing to do, especially if the storm were to slow down.

Amazingly, some of President Trump's frequent critics are criticizing the cancellation. Imagine the fierce denunciations if someone was hurt. The criticism is misplaced.


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