"Climate Alarm... 'Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet'”

"The Critic"
While most have been focused on COVID-19 the last four months, the rationale for continuing to waste trillions on global warming has been taking an overdue and well-deserved beating. 

Unfortunately, we humans are generally terrible at envisioning an unfamiliar future. That is why Pearl Harbor and September 11 -- in spite of more than ample warnings for both -- were each dubbed a "failure of imagination." For more than two months, there were ample warnings of COVID-19 but, instead, the CDC screwed around and lost vital time because it felt like creating its own test rather than using the perfectly good tests already available. Dr. Fauci, not was less than truthful to us (sometime he has done multiple times in his career) and his dishonesty cost lives because he evidently couldn't envision the economic havoc the lockdowns would create.

So, it is unfortunate that during the COVID-19 hubbub,
pertaining to global warming and the corresponding misuse of science and resources have not received the attention they should. And, if you think resources have been squandered so far, this article will inform you on the utter impossibility of "net zero." Let's review:

While I believe we should be extremely careful with regard to species extinctions, the rest of the assertions from environmentalist Dr. Michael Shellenberger are facts:
From Shellenberger. Click to enlarge.

Day-to-day life on planet earth is better than it has ever been with less poverty, no major wars in progress, and longer life expectancies. Life will continue to flourish (given liberty, free enterprise and the rule of law) unless one of the catastrophic occurrences listed below occurs.

If the COVID-19 crisis has taught us anything it is that it is long past time to focus on what is really important when it comes to natural hazards. 

These are what we should be urgently working on, in order, 
  • EMP. An EMP event (either solar or an enemy attack) will be a billion times worse than COVID-19. Really!! Electricity will be lost for months or years. Billions (yes, billions) will die painful deaths by starvation. Yet, EMP is "fixable" for relatively low cost. President Trump appointed yet another commission in 2017 but I can't find it has accomplished anything. I sometimes wonder if China, the Russians, or the North Koreans (via bribes) are behind our inexcusable failure to address this issue. I hope history doesn't look at the aftermath of an EMP event and call it a "failure of imagination."
  • Asteroid Defense. Should be self-explanatory. 
  • Future Pandemics. Everyone at CDC should be fired. So should everyone at FDA and in Dr. Fauci's group who are in charge of dealing with pandemics. Did you know the budget for CDC, by itself, is nearly 4 times what we spend on weather forecasting and storm warnings?! The fact that CDC is still worried about tornado warnings (meteorologists have this handled, thank you) in the middle of a pandemic tell us its culture is so broken it cannot be fixed. We need to start over with a smaller, more focused, and far more competent agency in charge of disease prevention and cures. 
  • Global warming. As I say, over and over, global warming is a problem. But, the global warming extremists drive me crazy because they want it has a political issue rather than actually fixing the problem. We have spent trillions for nothing. Windmills only increase the problem. If someone tells you global warming is a crisis, ask them if they support next-generation nuclear*. If not, don't listen to them. They aren't serious. 
Yellowstone volcano? Don't worry about it because there is nothing we can do to mitigate it if it occurs.

These are the questions we should be posing to our politicians in this election year.

* Note: In case you are not familiar with next-gen nuclear, an example is here. There are others under development. 


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