Friday, October 4, 2019

Penn State's Michael Mann: Sore Loser and Deadbeat

As everyone except his acolytes predicted, hockey stick phony Dr. Michael Mann did not file an appeal to his loss and he is refusing the pay the judgment against him ordered by a Canadian court. This is a result of his phony defamation suit against Dr. Tim Ball.

Details from Mark Stein, against whom Mann has filed a similar phony lawsuit in the United States.

Michael Mann has made all of atmospheric science look bad and his misdeeds have influenced climate policies in the wrong direction. The D.C. court, where Mann filed his lawsuit against Stein, needs to have the guts of its Canadian counterpart and not only dismiss the suit but also sanction (fine) Mann for bringing the bad-faith lawsuit to begin with.

As an organization that takes in huge amounts of taxpayer funds, I keep wondering where his employer, Penn State University, is in all this. Of course, it, as well as Mann, got sanctioned by the Nobel Prize Committee for falsely claiming Mann won the Nobel Prize. So, I guess we can't expect too much from PSU.
In other words, it is just  a normal week in the land of global warming zealotry. 

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