Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The (Invisible) Record Cold in the Western U.S.

Did you know the U.S.A. (Lower 48) set an all-time October cold temperature of -35°F at Logan Canyon, Utah, yesterday. Or, that it was even colder there today? Or, that it was a record cold weather balloon launch in Grand Junction, Colorado? Or, that Denver set a record low of 3° this morning?

Of course you didn't.

That is because it is not part of global warming 'narrative.'

Below is one hour of records or temperature readings within one degree of record from earlier this week.
As indicated below, the problem in the United States has been cold, not warmth. I am not saying we are undergoing some great cooling.

My point is that this is not being covered, at all, in the mainstream media. Regardless that Big Climate wants you to believe 'the science is settled,' it certainly is not.


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