Wednesday, October 30, 2019

California Businesspeople: Move Your Business to Kansas!

From a blunt article about California's present and future:

Thanks to the tens of billions of dollars in liabilities from the wildfires last year, PG&E has filed for bankruptcy. The utility’s bankruptcy has been a source of absolute chaos. It looks like PG&E shareholders will likely be completely wiped out. It is unlikely that any new controlling party will bring the utility back from the dead. So Californians should not discount the possibility that being without power is their new normal. No one seems to know how the utility is going to survive at this point, and that’s a big problem for the millions of people they support. 
The incredible irony in all of this is that the green state of California has been keeping the lights on during this period with privately procured generators running on… wait for it… fossil fuels.

Believe it or not, the situation is likely even worse than depicted above
The Kansas Flint Hills
Give some serious thought to moving to Kansas and Wichita in particular. Here are some excellent reasons:
  • We have plenty of reliable electricity and natural gas. Rates are far less than California's.
  • In most of the ways that matter, we have a better lifestyle. Short commutes, very low cost of living (Wichita has the lowest housing costs in the nation), plenty to do at low costs.
  • Extremely nice people from all over the nation due to the aircraft industry. 
  • If you want to ski, Colorado is driving distance. 
  • If you like the ocean, we have cheap non-stop flights (Allegiant Airlines, an ultra-low-cost airline). 
I know what Californians are going to think: What about those tornadoes? The statistical chances are very low. It is certainly less than the combination of major earthquakes & wildfires & blackouts which is far, far higher.

So, come and check us out. I think you'll be impressed.  

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