"And, That's Why They Play the Game"

The title reflects words of wisdom from ESPN's Chris (Boomer) Berman. Beside the alarming late-game performance of my Chiefs, there is a bigger point to be made here.
Via Twitter
In the NFL, there are only three outcomes: win, loss, or (rarely) tie. In meteorology, there can be many outcomes: dry, rain, sleet, snow, et. cetera. As the cliche´ says, "forecasting the future is hard." But, meteorologists do it well day after day, year after year.

Back when it looked like the Chiefs would win the game, here is some more magic from Patrick Mahomes.
And, while YouTube made the video available for posting, it said the NFL (aka, "no fun league") won't allow it. There is a link in the middle of the copyright notice, so just click that. You won't be sorry. It is an amazing highlight. 


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