Is Global Cooling the Real Climate Danger?

As many of you know, I am a "lukewarmer" -- I believe the planet is warming but at a slower rate than many believe and that the effects of the warming, when netted out (e.g., the items you are never told about by the media, such as greater food production due to a warmer climate), will not be all that severe.

I also, frequently, state that global cooling would be a catastrophe for mankind. However, I have not forecasted cooling.

That stipulated, here is a piece from scientists I respect that believe cooling is beginning. I suggest you read it because it outlines their evidence. Are they correct? It is hard to tell.
It is difficult to detect a recent short-term (the length of time of that any worldwide cooling trend that may have begun) cooling trend because the world data has been 'adjusted' to death; in some cases unethically. In the United States, we are fortunate to have a "gold standard" temperature sensing network in all 50 states that does not require any adjustment. The graph below is the raw data. It tells a very different story than the "adjusted" data.
According to the gold standard U.S. data, there has been no warming since it was installed in 2003. And, since the end of 2016, there has been significant cooling. As the article at the blue link correctly indicates, the 2019 corn and soybean crops have suffered significantly due to the cool growing season, especially at the beginning.

In most ways, we can adjust to global warming.

Global cooling, and the accompanying famines that would result, would mean the deaths of millions as we could not grow enough food. Energy costs would skyrocket as would deaths due to cold (there are about 17 killed by cold weather for every person who dies due to heat).

For the people like who desire a colder climate, be careful what you wish for. 

If, and this is a big 'if,' cooling is the real danger then we would want to put all of the greenhouse gas we possibly could into the atmosphere. It would take years longer than it should to even acknowledge cooling because there are so many invested in the catastrophic global warming hypothesis. Stay tuned.


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