"Without Warning" = Fake News

"Without warning" is fake news and the journalists that wrote this headline should be ashamed of themselves.

Here is the forecast that was posted on this blog at 10am yesterday, 11 hours before the tornado.
North Dallas was in the "enhanced" tornado risk area. That forecast was reiterated throughout the day.

This tweet was 40 minutes before the tornado.

One minute before the tornado touched down. Note that it cited "NW Dallas" as the threat area.

Two minutes later as the tornado was touching down.
Here is the warning:
In addition, the DFW TV stations were cutting in with storm warnings, weather radios were going off and smartphones were sounding alarms. To claim the tornado struck "without warning" is simply absurd.

Some were appreciative of the warning effort.
So, don't believe it when the media reflexively writes "no warning" seemingly after every tornado. Trust the warning system to provide forecasts and warnings when major storms threaten. 


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