The #1 Thing Missing From Big Climate

Dozens of time on this blog we have recounted the hypocrisy of the catastrophic global warming movement.
Last week we learned about the cow-murdering, airplane-grounding Green New Deal. Ironically, if media reports are correct, Bernie Sanders and (now) Representative Ocasio-Cortez flew a private jet to Kansas to campaign for
Democratic congressional candidate James Thompson. Under her [il]logic, it is fine for her to take private jets (the most carbon-intense form of travel) while the rest of us have to take a bus?

I actually like her passion and we had a nice exchange on Twitter over the summer. But, I simply don't understand why she, Sanders, Al Gore, Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton, etc., etc., fail to understand how their blatant hypocrisy undermines the case for reasonable action on global warming.


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