A blizzard is possible over parts of the Great Plains Saturday and Saturday Night.
Dark blue area is where blizzard conditions are more likely. Light blue is where they are possible. To quote the National Weather Service's Wichita office a few minutes ago:
Note the comment about "extremely strong" winds.

So, I recommend anyone considering traveling in or through this area Saturday or Saturday night seriously reconsider. You can attempt to beat the storm by traveling tomorrow or waiting the storm out and traveling after 12 noon on Sunday. 

If you've never been in a blizzard, please consider the following as an illustration as to how quickly the system can deteriorate.
During a 2010 Kansas blizzard, highways became
hazardous within ten minutes (!) of the commencement
of the start of the snow. 
Just ten minutes later, 21st Street looked like this. I don't think I've ever seen road conditions deteriorate
so very rapidly. You wouldn't want to be caught -- even on an Interstate Highway -- caught in a rural area in these conditions.

So, I urge you to monitor the weather closely and be prepared to change your plans.


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