Update on Storm #2

Here are the current winter storm watches for storm #2 (#3 will be in 5-6 days). It includes Kansas City, Wichita, Enid, Lincoln and south parts of the Des Moines metro. It is for snow. The colors at bottom right are for departing storm #1 (scroll down).

Here is a rough idea of the snow accumulation pattern (click to enlarge):
Dr. Ryan Maue
Please do not take the amounts too literally at this point. However, if you are in the winter storm watch area, please make preliminary preparations for a major winter storm. It will begin Monday afternoon in the far west and south parts of the watch area and Monday Night for Wichita and Kansas City. I would expect flights to be cancelled for those cities. If you have a flight planned Tuesday, click here for suggestions. I received a compliment from a reader just today who used these suggestions. They usually work quite well (nothing is perfect with today's airlines).

I will continue to update as the storm gets closer.


  1. I just wanted to make sure...the numbers are in inches, not the metric system, right?

  2. Yes, all numbers on this blog are in the English system unless otherwise indicated.

    Caution: Do not consider these numbers exact. The storm is still 24hrs. from beginning.


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