The Coordinated Propaganda on Global Warming

The catastrophic global warming crowd is getting worried: Neither the weather nor the climate is cooperating. World temperatures are not rising and it has been a terribly cold winter in the opinion centers of NYC and D.C. It is getting so bad, even climate scientists are mocking global warming these days:

Truly, human-caused climate change is a magical theory that explains absolutely everything – including diametrically contradictory phenomena, lack of logic and absence of evidence – whenever people observe profoundly, ‘Something funny’s happening to the weather’.
---Via Dr. Judith Curry (yes, a real climate scientist)

For example, we've heard a lot in the media about "unstable" polar vortices and "unstable" jet streams this week -- ridiculous claims because no stability exists for either. As Dr. Roger Pielke, Sr., also a real climatologist and the former state climatologist of Colorado, said yesterday:

Re:current very strong polar jet stream, it is from a particularly large north-south tropospheric temperature gradient; not "global warming".

As the cold weather drags on, Big Climate worries that people may draw the (correct) conclusion that world temperatures are not rising. This cannot be allowed! So, they call in their allies in the media. This press release about a hastily convened media briefing crossed my desk yesterday. It will occur later today.
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The media briefing is staged by an advocacy group called Climate Nexus. They are part of "Big Climate" and they attempt to tie just about every weather event to global warming, no matter how silly.
Of course, this week's storm isn't "climate" -- it is weather. Meteorologists were quite capable of accurately forecasting and explaining it. No climate scientists required.

My point is that the people on their panel are not being interviewed at a scientific conference. This is a staged news event by a public relations firm. At the press briefing, the panelists will undoubtedly tell us that global warming caused this week's storm and causes cold winters. There is nothing wrong with this, per se. Political advocates do that sort thing all the time. There is nothing unethical as long as everything is completely disclosed.

But, when you read a story generated by this event in the Saturday or Sunday paper, will you read that this was a sponsored event by an advocacy group or will it be presented as straight news? I know which my money is on.


  1. I cringe every time the CBS Morning Show brings Michio Kaku, a City College of New York physics professor, onto the show to talk about climate change. The other morning they even said he could start doing the weather. Sheeeesh!

  2. Yes, his appearances are "cringe worthy" because he is spouting Big Climate's talking points -- and knows none of the science behind them. There is no such thing as a "stable" jet stream.

  3. Our trusted messengers tell us AGW is real, the threat is urgent - with no dissent in the statements of these messengers.

    Who tells us?

    The National Academy of Sciences (convened by Abraham Lincoln, and Einstein was a member),
    the Royal Society of UK (Sir Isaac Newton, was its President), the American Academy of Pediatrics (you don't trust pediatricians?), NOAA, NASA (placing a lab on Mars using their "models'), 97% of published scientists (no, not Lindzen, Monckton, Singer, Pielke or Judy Curry; scientists don't take them very seriously), the Dept. of Defense, the Dept. of Interior, the UN, Nobel Laureates in science, the World Bank, the IMF, the AMA.....the list goes on...

    We should not be fossil fools, captive of the the paid fossil tools.

  4. Carbon footprint has no effect on Global Warming.

    AGW does not and never did exist.

  5. Here is more Kaku's appearance:

  6. Like virtually all politically charged science debates, it all boils down to who do you believe? Scientific consensus or those who are "experts" because they slept at a Holiday Inn Express. I know which side of the fence I will always fall on:

    1. If you have science skill, belief is not relevant.


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