Winter Storm Update

Severe Thunderstorms Today and Tonight

There is a localized threat of thunderstorms with large hail late today and tonight:

For tomorrow and tomorrow night, there is a large geographic area at risk.
The primary threat is damaging winds generated by the thunderstorms but there will be a few storms with hail and a few tornadoes are also possible.

There is also a threat of more severe thunderstorms along the East Coast on Friday.

Blizzard Warning and Flood Watch

The bright orange is a blizzard warning. The bright green is a blizzard watch. Pink is a winter storm warming. Blue is a travel advisory for snow. Dark green is a flood watch due to heavy rain expected to fall into the heavy snow cover.

Finally, the browns a high wind warnings in dry areas where no precipitation is expected to fall.

Here is a timing guide from AccuWeather.


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