Why It is Taking So Long to Get the Power Restored

Based on the best estimates I have seen, there are about 100,000 people in the Southeast, primarily in South Carolina, that do not have their power back on from last week's storm. After more than a week, I imagine people are impatient.

The problem is, when electrical transmission towers are downed, they take a long time to rebuild even though hundreds of extra crews have been called in from outside the region. Here is a photo to illustrate the point I am making. Note the lineman chest deep in water!
Photo via Twitter from @nikkihaley
Given that people are now starting their second week without power, I believe the forecasts of a "catastrophic" ice storm -- unfortunately -- have panned out.

P.S. Most of us are guilty of not being fully appreciative of the hard work linemen do for us.

ADDITION: There are more people without power than my estimate indicated. More from USA Today


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