Thank You, Dr. Cliff Mass

Yet another scientist has chimed on the "global warming causes cold winters" nonsense and, in particular, CBS's absurd interview with somebody named Michio Kaku.

Cliff ends his excellent summary with,

In summary, there is an extraordinary amount of hype, misinformation, and exaggeration occurring in the media these days about cold waves and climate change.  Global warming will reduce the frequency of cold waves and increase the frequency of heat waves.  The existence of cold waves, even the large numbers of cold waves this year, says nothing about whether global warming will occur in the future.  

One thing is clear, media misinformation about this topic is undermining the credibility of the scientific community, promulgating false information to the public, and serves as a great aid to those who deny global warming will be a serious threat later in this century.

Slowly, leading climatologists are starting to realize the potential harm caused by all the hype, false information, and exaggeration and are starting to speak out about it.  But huge damage has already been done and perhaps a majority of the population believe that weather has generally become more extreme due to increases in greenhouse gases produced by mankind--something that is at odds with the scientific literature.

Cliff is absolutely correct.

The media is doing a giant disservice by putting "Bill Nye the Science Guy," Kaku, and others who know nothing about atmospheric science on the air as experts.


I am getting criticized by the usual suspects this morning for pointing out that you can't have both ways: It can't be that both warmer and colder winters are caused by global warming. Just two years ago, when the U.S. had a warmer than average winter, the climate 'scientists' were blaming global warming for warm winters. There are plenty more examples I can cite.

Everything cannot be caused by global warming! There is weather and there will always be weather and variations of the same.


  1. Mike,

    This global warming issue is getting crazy. After watching Bill Nye on Meet The Press this morning, he looked uncomfortable and did not provide any facts or even an opinion that he knew exactly what was going on. Their little snippet from the State of the Union speech that we can't deny global warming by our President was simply someone trying to dictate to us he know it all. I am in your corner after reading as much as I can. This winter is thw winter I remember in the early 60's, late 70's it all comes back around.

    Jim Wilson


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