3:15pm EST: Winter Storm Update

Raleigh and Durham, according to reports, are melting down in a manner similar to Atlanta two weeks ago. This is a photo, via Facebook, from Durham:
ADDITION, 3:35PM EST from WRAL TV's Nate Johnson:
Raleigh folks: We're hearing that some local cell towers are jammed up, and this will make it difficult for 911 calls to get through. Stay off the cell phone except for emergencies. Use text instead of voice where you can.

Here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar at 3pm:
A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued in Florida ahead of the line of thunderstorms coming off the Gulf until 11pm.
The primary threat is damaging thunderstorm winds. These storms have also been prolific cloud-to-ground lightning producers. Please seek shelter indoors as they approach.

Here is the forecast radar at 6pm EST:

And, here is the forecast for 8pm EST:
In the darkest blue areas, including Washington, D.C., Richmond, and Baltimore later tonight, there could be thundersnow where there is not only lightning and thunder, there are also very high rates of snow accumulation.

While extreme winds are not forecast, there will be enough wind that some blowing and drifting will occur.


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