Current and Pending Winter Storms for the Northeast

Here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar at 5pm EST:
The backside of the storm is moving back into D.C.-Baltimore with lightning and, in places, heavy snow.

At least four weather stations in the Middle Atlantic states have reported more than 20 inches with this storm. About 2,500,000 people are without power.

Highest total snowfalls by state, so far:

  • Maryland, 29 inches
  • Virginia, 27.7"  28.5"
  • West Virginia, 24.0"
  • North Carolina, 21"
  • Pennsylvania, 16.3"
  • New Jersey, 15"
  • Delaware, 14"
  • New York 14.6"
  • Connecticut, 14"
  • Kentucky, 14 inches

Here is the forecast radar at 10pm this evening as the back of the storm intensifies. More snow for Philadelphia and NYC.

And, the forecast radar for 7am Friday:

And, there is another storm behind this one. Here is the forecast radar for 7am EST Saturday:

And, the forecast for 1pm Saturday.
I am very concerned this is going set off another wave of airline cancellations on top of the 4,000 yesterday and 7,000 cancelled flights (!) today.


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