The State of the Storm at 11:20 EST

The AccuWeather Regional Radar at 11:05am:
The purples are ice, blues are snows with the darker shades of both. Green-yellow-red is typical radar color scheme for rain.

Here is the forecast winterized radar (h/t: Dr. Ryan Maue) for 3pm EST using a slightly different color scheme. The darkest blues indicate very heavy falling snow. The purples indicate icy, freezing rain (w/ power failures).

And, the winterized radar forecast for 10pm EST.

As best I can tally, we are approaching 150,000 homes and businesses without power ( = about a half-million people) and that number is rising by the minute. Winds are a little stronger than I initially forecast. So, the cautions about losing power appear well-founded at this point.


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