Instead of Watching a Terrible Football Game...

…and largely lame commercials, how about reading an acclaimed great book?

With all the snow coming in, curl up and read how we forecast all types of storms and save lives in the process. Warnings has 5-Star ratings at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Here is the latest 5-Star review:

I love reading books about the weather, and there are several great books out there about grand-scale disasters that shape us. WARNINGS looks at these storms through the lens of a meteorologist dedicated to predicting storms. Mike Smith shows us how these major storms have shaped our understanding of the science of weather, as well as how our growing understanding of weather shaped our ability to warn citizens, plan for disaster, and ultimately save lives. It is also a history of the meteorologists who continued to study dangerous weather and a government that stymied them at almost every turn. It's a smart, fascinating, and highly accessible read.

An uplifting book about how we save lives. Order it now and enjoy it as the snow falls.

Addition: Just posted on Facebook:
Thank you, Matthew! If you like weather and like this blog, you will really enjoy Warnings. 


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