Could We Please Leave the Meteorology to the Meteorologists??

What in the world is going on in Georgia?

For some reason, the Georgia Department of Transportation this morning decided to issue its own Winter Storm Watch for Atlanta -- even though no such watch had been issued by the National Weather Service!  The map below shows no winter storm watch (it would be dark green) was in effect at that time or since. 
Meteorologists have enough trouble getting our forecasts and warnings taken seriously without things like this. Could we please leave meteorology to the meteorologists?!


  1. (Tongue far in cheek!)

    They were trying to help NWS in Ft. Worth (I-20 buddies!):

    "Winter Weather Advisory" finally issued here in DFW at 9:25 AM this morning, a couple of hours after the snow started. Lasts until 2 PM. We've already had a good inch here in Dallas, and with temp ~ 15 there will be no melting. Should be an interesting PM rush hour.

    Seriously, I know forecasting is tough, and improvement is steady. And as you have often noted, snow forecasts are notoriously difficult. (BTW, congrats on the week or ten day prediction of California rain.)


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