Central and East Winter Storm Update

Here are the latest winter weather warnings (pink) and travel advisories (dark blue).
The dark green in  Kentucky and WV is a winter storm watch for ice storm conditions.

Here is the current AccuWeather Regional Radar from 8am CST.

UPDATE: As I was posting, all of the purple has resulted in an ice storm warning (purple) for Little Rock and central and northeast Arkansas.

Here are the forecast snowfall amounts. More from AccuWeather here.

And, here is where the precipitation is forecast to be at 7pm this evening:
The heaviest snow is predicted to be falling in Illinois, Indiana and western Ohio at that time.


  1. Glad to see SE Colorado getting in the action. While WSWs are never fun out there, they missed out on all the moisture in the Fall and so far in the Spring that NE Colorado has received. They need it badly (almost as badly as CA, but that's another story).


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