3:30pm Monday Plains and Midwest Update (Storm #2)

AccuWeather's forecast pretty well sums it up as far as snow accumulation is concerned.
I'm forecasting the beginning of the significant snow to be around 2-5am tonight in Wichita (where 6 to 11" is expected) and around 4 to 8am in Kansas City Tuesday morning.

The map below is a probability of freezing rain of 0.1" or more with the storm that is expected to form tonight. A winter storm watch has been issued for freezing rain in parts of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

And, if all of this isn't enough, parts of New Mexico have winter storm watches for storm #3. I'm not getting more specific about storm #3 simply because we already have a major winter storm to deal with and I don't want things to get even more confusing.
If you have driving to do, I urge you to complete it before the heavy snow begins. If your flight has not been cancelled, click here for suggestions.


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