10:15pm EST: Quick Update on Ice Storm Georgia-South Carolina

Taking a quick look at some of the late data, the forecasts of the major ice storm around Atlanta and areas east and southeast appear to still be on track.

Here is a total freezing rain accumulation map:
Dr. Ryan Maue
Most of the Atlanta area should accumulate 0.50 to 0.70 inches of freezing rain starting Wednesday morning ending by around sunrise Thursday. Winds will increase to as much as 20 mph. Power failures will likely result with power out in some areas for days. 

The darker shades near the Georgia - South Carolina border is where more than 1¼ inches of freezing rain is likely. Should this forecast be correct, along with winds in the 15 mph range, catastrophic damage to the electrical grid may occur resulting in, perhaps, weeks without power. There will also be collapses of cell towers.

There may be several inches of snow on top of the ice Thursday morning in the north part of the Atlanta Metro area which would tend to worsen the power failures.
Needless to say, highway travel will be crippled.

In the high threat areas, the power may be off for days or a week or more. Yes, you read that right. To keep this blog post of a manageable length, go here for preparation advice. Don't worry about a loaf of bread. This could be a more serious matter. If you need to fetch a relative or friend living alone or with a medical condition, sooner is better.


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