Why You Have to Be Proactive With the Airlines and Weather

This is from a friend's Facebook feed. He was supposed to go back home last night:
Yes, after Saturday's flight was cancelled due to weather, the airlines are so full they couldn't get them a new flight for five days. This is the rule, not the exception, these days.

If you aren't busy with something else, please read my two advice columns about airlines and winter storms:

#1 is Before the Flight

#2 if You Get Cancelled

One advantage of flying with Delta, American, or United, is that they will, in extreme cases, put you on one of the other two. Southwest, jetBlue, and the other smaller airlines will only offer a refund which can be of little use if fares have risen or no other seats are available on their airlines.

After reading these, please keep them bookmarked on your computer for future use.

Just had my flight from DC to LGA canceled

I'd be miserable if I wasn't paying attention to your site and the 
flight sites and making the connections to take a train home.

I've gotten many messages, including some from airline employees, about how good this advice is and how it has kept many out of trouble. The suggestions really go work.


  1. Great advice, Mike. Your suggestions on how to be proactive worked for me, personally, last year. I highly recommend them.


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