Finally, the Governor Acknowledges He Had the Warning

Better late than never, I suppose. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal acknowledges there was an advance warning and that he did not act upon it.

Meanwhile, a different Georgia official yesterday said (paraphrasing) the gridlock (as opposed to the weather) could not have been anticipated. Please allow me to quote from AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions' Storm Potential Notice issued to Atlanta-area clients 21-hours before the snow began accumulating. It was reiterated at 7am Tuesday, the morning of the snow:

The ice and snow amounts indicated here, spread over a large area generally unaccustomed to seeing winter storms of this magnitude, will bring transport and logistical operations to a virtual standstill. Delays and cancellations will cripple air, ground, and rail travel for days. 

I don't know how much clearer anyone could have been.

Speaking for myself, I appreciate Gov. Deal finally acknowledging a warning was in place but I wish Georgia officials would stop rationalizing their performance and set about fixing it for the future. My offer below still stands.


  1. Seems to me that if the warning was revised at 3:30 AM there was plenty of time for individuals to make their own decisions about the day. Surely, with radio, TV, and weather apps, no one can plead ignorance.

    I've lived in DFW for 25 years and know the drill: A tenth of an inch of ice or an inch of snow make the freeways impassable because of the bridges and overpasses. Either stay home or avoid the freeways. It isn't complicated.

    "It's George's fault!" Are we a nation of lemmings ... on ice?


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