Blizzard and Winter Storm Update, 5:15pm Saturday

Update 5:43pm. State of Emergency declared in Wisconsin due to cold wave and propane shortage. Forecast low temperatures (not wind chills) expected to be colder than -15° in much of the state.


AccuWeather Regional Radar at 4:59pm CST:
Blue is where the heavier snow is now falling. It is moving southeast and is expected to reach Chicago around 3am Sunday.

Orange is the blizzard warning now in effect. Pink is a winter storm warning. The periwinkle color is a wind chill warning as wind chills are expected go lower than -40° on Monday morning! While the cold is a threat to health, Chicago is expecting 2 to 5 inches with drifting and blowing snow.

The blues are travel advisories for snow and the hunter green is a winter storm watch. Browns are high wind warnings (without precipitation). Extreme cold will spread throughout the Midwest Sunday night and Monday. Some suggestions:
  • If your car's battery is questionable, now would be a good time to replace it. You do not want to get stranded. 
  • While most of this area is far enough north to not normally worry about broken pipes, I would take a few precautions such as opening cabinets near pipes and allowing them to drip slightly during the night.
  • Finally, check your flight before you leave for the airport. 


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