If You Read Just One Article on Global Warming This Month...

….make it this one. It concludes:
Or try refuting global warming. Temperatures have stopped warming for more than a decade? That's just a temporary "pause" in the warming that we just know is going to come roaring back any day now. Antarctic ice is growing? That's actually caused by the melting of ice, don't you know. A vicious cold snap that sets record low temperatures? That's just because the North Pole is actually warming. So if the winter is warm, that's global warming, but if the winter is cold, that's global warming, too. If sea ice is disappearing, that's global warming, but if sea ice is increasing, that's global warming.
Now we can see what they mean when the warmthers say that global warming is supported by an ironclad scientific consensus. The theory is so irrefutable that it's unfalsifiable!
Which is to say that it has become a cognitive spaghetti bowl full of ad hoc rationalizations, rather than a genuine scientific hypothesis. 

Hat tip: Judy Curry.


  1. Mike, when I talk to global warming truthers about the winter storms we've had this year, they tell me it supports it because global warming causes out of the ordinary weather patterns all year long. There's just no convincing these people.

  2. That is why I like this sentence so much, "The theory is so irrefutable that it's unfalsifiable!"


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