Southern Winter Storm Update, 3:11pm CST

Here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar:

This is a historic storm for its size. New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta and just about every city is crippled. The Birmingham airport is actually closed. More than 3,000 flights have been cancelled.

Please scroll down for ice storm and driving information.

ADDITION: From Matthew Sitkowsky (@MattSitkowski) via Twitter. The progression of traffic conditions in Atlanta (times Eastern).

ADDITION II:  From @SuzieQ on Twitter. Arrows point to abandoned cars in Birmingham. You can see people walking in middle of streets. Friend and famed meteorologist James Spann had to abandon his car and walk to the TV station. 
Sleet is now accumulating at the National Weather Service office in Mobile. 

ADDITION III:  States of Emergency have been declared in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina 5:12pm EST, Georgia added.

ADDITION IV:  "Atlanta-area schools have suspended bus service, preparing to shelter kids overnight."


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