Cold Front and Large Fire

While I can't be certain the cold front helped set it off, a big fire developed in Butler Co., Kansas, along and behind the cold front and you can see it on the Wichita NWS radar.

At 8:01, as the front is passing through, there is no apparent fire.

Behind the front, with winds gusting to around 50 mph, the smoke plume can be seen but it is not well-defined.

The smoke plume is very well-defined at this point, minutes ago. The fire is south southeast of Augusta, Kansas.

If I get any news as to what is burning, I will post it.

Update: It was a grassfire a mile long by a half-mile wide. 


  1. Mike, there was also a large fire on the south side of Salina tonight. It was caused by a transformer blown over by the wind. I-135 was closed and they routed traffic down 9th street in Salina.


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