Plains and Midwest Storm

UPDATE: 5:47pm CST.

Here is a probability map of 0.01 inches of freezing drizzle accumulating during the calendar day (midnight to midnight) Friday. Disregard the little minima east of Wichita. 

I suggest that those in the blue-orange-red areas plan to allow extra time driving. 


A winter storm of moderate intensity will bring snow to a stripe from the Rockies to the Midwest.
Winter storm warnings are in effect along I-76 in Colorado and Nebraska and along I-25 in Colorado. There is also a winter storm warning for I-80 in southeast Wyoming. A winter storm watch has been issued for Chicago as this storm moves east.

Spotty freezing drizzle may cause patchy slick roads in a large area later tonight and Friday.

There is another, likely stronger, winter storm behind this one. We'll likely start coverage on the blog tomorrow. 


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