Yes, That is a Winter Storm Warning for Houston

You don't see this every day. Pink is a winter storm warning for Houston, Galveston, and the middle Texas Gulf Coast.

Houston meteorologist Larry Cosgrove is cautioning that the north part of the Houston Metro area may have a genuine ice storm. As a precaution, here are ice storm preparation suggestions. Deep blue (i.e., Ark-La-Tex) is freeze warnings. Light blue is a winter weather advisory for travelers.


  1. Mike, Accuweather is predicting a low for today of 32 (yesterday it was 33) while the temp at 8 AM is 9 deg. What gives

  2. I just checked, the low is forecast for tonight (i.e., around 5am Saturday morning).

  3. So then the 8 deg they show for Jan 23 was at 5 AM this morning? That seems odd that it's 24 hours later.

  4. Remember, it is forecast -- future weather.

  5. I recall very cold weather and an ice storm in Houston sometime around the late 80’s or perhaps early 90’s. Few in Houston have ice scrapers, so we’d spend 20 minutes after work with the heater on in the car, windshield wipers on, and a credit card to scrape the ice. Those don’t work well. Then the temperatures were cold enough for several nights that water pipes in the attic would freeze. I burned out several hair dryers thawing pipes.

    I recall also the same weather pattern, where it was warmer in North Texas.

    I bought an ice scraper for my car back then. Still have it in my car, even though I have since moved to Phoenix. Never used it since.


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