UPDATE: Storm #2 Will Be a Big One Followed by Extreme Cold

I'm rewriting this post because of new data pertaining to the cold air that will come in behind the snow.

The snow will begin, lightly over Kansas Saturday afternoon or evening and intensify Saturday night and Sunday across Missouri and Illinois. Blizzard conditions are possible from Illinois up toward Detroit. Note that some spots will receive a foot and a half of snow.

The forecast high for Chicago Monday morning is -11°F!

New information: Wind chills Monday morning are expected to drop to -45°F as far southeast as Madison, WI and Rockford, IL.  Wind chills may reach as low as -60°F in the northern Plains where there is snow cover. School has been called off for Monday in North Dakota due to the extreme cold.

This is an extreme cold air mass. Travel will be disrupted. I urge you to review these tips if you are traveling by train or car.

If you are staying home, tips on preparing for a blizzard are here.

Please take this situation seriously.


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