Snow Storm and Cold Wave Update

The AccuWeather Regional Radar at 3:10pm CST.

Here is a composite of National Weather Service models based on this morning's data. It shows the total amount of snow forecast to fall with this storm.
Note there are patches of more than 18 inches of snow!

For timing purposes and to confirm this morning's computer forecast, here is the NAM model from noon data. This first map is valid at 8am Sunday:

This map is 9pm CST Sunday:

and, this is the storm total.
I think if you'll average the two sets of charts for your location, you'll have a good forecast of the amount of snowfall. However, many of the areas with the heaviest snows will have gusts in the 25 to even 40 mph range. That will cause considerable drifting of the snow, especially late in the storm where the snow will be "fluffier" and more easily blown about. Many roads will be closed in the blizzard conditions.

The snow will be followed by extreme cold. These are the minimum temperatures for 6am to 9am Monday:
Yes, those are -27°F temperatures (not wind chills) in Wisconsin.

These are the forecast temperatures for 6pm Monday. Yes, those are -12's in Chicagoland and around northwest Ohio!

Here are the AccuWeather Real Feel® temperatures for Sunday night and Monday. They are a combination of wind, temperature, humidity and (during the day) sunshine.

This will be an extraordinary event. Please prepare accordingly.


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