Pet Safety Rules for Extreme Cold

I have checked several sources (I'm not a pet owner) and have come up with this list of safety rules for pets in cold weather:

* Protect their feet. Ice and the icy crust on top of snow can cut their paws.
* Watch pets around frozen lakes and rivers and lakes. If a pet falls in, it is extremely difficult for them to escape. 
* Make sure cats and other animals haven't crawled inside the engine compartment before starting the car. The motor retains heat for quite a while after it is turned off. 
* Never leave a pet in a cold car.
* Modify outdoor housing to provide shelter from the wind. Make sure outdoor shelters are be off the ground, bedding is thick and dry and water is fresh and not frozen. Avoid space heaters and heat lamps, which pose a fire risk.
* Keep your dog active, but avoid overdoing it in extreme temperatures.
* Use pet-safe deicers. Every year, there are stories of pets being inadvertently poisoned with deicing fluids. 
* Protect paws from salt. 
* Make sure your pet has plenty of water and make sure the surface of the water does not freeze over. 

* One of the best ways to insure your pets are safe is to keep them with you. 

This is a cold air mass that will set numerous records. It is essential to take special care of your pets during this cold wave. 


  1. Also, routinely check your pet's water dish to make certain the water is fresh and unfrozen. Use plastic bowls rather than metal; when the temperature is low, your pet's tongue can stick and freeze to metal.

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