Of Course: Global Warming Caused Today's Cold Spell

In 2012, when the U.S. had a very warm winter, it was -- according to climate scientists -- due to global warming. This is from LiveScience on March 6 of that year:
So, a warm winter = global warming.

And, so today, I fully expected climate 'scientists' to tell us that the current record cold is also due to global warming. I wasn't disappointed. Time magazine's web site this afternoon:
They want you to believe it is unprecedented the "polar vortex" moved south to the northern border of the U.S. bringing the arctic air south. It is shown on this morning's map of the weather at 18,000 ft., an elongated area of low pressure (blue lines) from Minnesota to west Hudson's Bay.

Let's take a look at a similar historic cold spell, December, 1983. Here is the (black and white with less information) 18,000 ft. map from December 23rd. It is virtually identical with the elongated low pressure system from Minnesota to west Hudson's Bay.
The values of both low pressure systems are the same, 504 dm.

Now, let's compare earth's temperatures.
You can see earth's temperature was about .45°C cooler in December, 1983 than than it was in November, 2012 (latest month available).

So, we have nearly identical 18,000 ft. weather patterns and very similar cold waves but earth's temperature is a bit warmer today. If the current cold wave was caused by global warming, it would not have the same pattern and same 18,000 ft. values as the cold wave in 1983. This demonstrates that global warming did not 'cause' today's cold wave. 


  1. Any record event is a nail, and "climate change" is their hammer.

  2. How about some balance Mike. Both sides are jumping on the bandwagon. But the bottom line is that it is WEATHER not CLIMATE. Cliff Mass does a pretty good job of putting it in perspective: http://cliffmass.blogspot.com/2014/01/does-cold-wave-imply-anything-about.html

  3. Hi Jan,

    Balance is exactly what I am trying to provide. The media has overwhelming bought this "polar vortex has never happened in the way before and it is caused by global warming" line. That is simply not true as we both know. I'm showing evidence that almost the same event occurred before global warming was even an issue.

    That said, I really appreciate you bringing Cliff's posting to my attention. It is excellent and I am going to do a posting about it as soon as I can get it written.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Jan,
    You'll find this well worth reading: http://judithcurry.com/2014/01/07/is-global-warming-causing-the-polar-vortex/


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