Best Books About Weather

Diana Staresinic-Deane has a list of favorite books about weather on her blog that you can read here. I'm delighted she is currently enjoying Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather.

Diana invited her readers to suggest other great books about weather and one of her commenters suggested When the Sirens Were Silent

Thank you, Diana!


  1. Thanks for writing such a fascinating and accessible book! My eReader's highlighting feature is getting a workout. I think what amazes me most is the fact that so many of our discoveries and advances in technology and storm prediction are so recent. WHEN THE SIRENS WERE SILENT is already loaded into my Nook and I'm looking forward to reading it!

  2. Thank you, Diana!

    One point of interest: the accuracy and timeliness of the storm warnings has improved significantly since "Warnings" was written. Here is an example from this past week:

    This issue now is people's perception's were often set in stone 20 years ago. They don't realize how good today's warnings are and why they should take heed. Mike

  3. It's interesting that you say that. I remember some hooplah a few years ago...maybe 2003? 2004?...when I was still living in Emporia, Kansas. The NWS issued a tornado warning over the weather radios, but the city (or whomever makes the decision) decided NOT to sound the tornado sirens. It was during the day, so businesses and schools were at a loss as to whether or not they should move people to shelter. Parents were upset that the schools choose not to evacuate kids, and the school authorities said, "Look, moving several hundred kids out of class is a big deal, and we didn't think the situation called for it." If I remember right, it came out that NWS issued the warning based on the report of an untrained weather spotter, and it turned out there really wasn't any imminent threat in the area. I suspect a lot of people were even less likely to take warnings seriously after that (until they saw the remnants of nearby Reading, which was hit the day before the Joplin tornado).

  4. Re: Sirens. Wait to you read what went wrong in Joplin.


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