Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"When the Sirens Were Silent"

I was asked why I haven't talked about When the Sirens Were Silent much on the blog recently.

The reason is that Sirens -- which was called "an important read" by the Washington Post -- is a book for late teenagers and adults, not for all ages as it tells the terribly tragic story of the Joplin tornado. I do not think, for example, it would be an appropriate Christmas gift for a 9-year old weather enthusiast. Warnings on the other hand is a great gift for weather fans of all ages.

That said, if you have someone older in your family that you worry about when it comes to tornadoes it would be an excellent gift. It has three lift-out pages in the back printed on heavy paper with the latest tornado safety rules for home, work, and school.

Amazon has run low again, even though we keep sending them books. As of this moment, they only have 5 copies left. So, if you want one for Christmas, please order now.

P.S. I just checked and they are down to 4 copies of Warnings. Sold 9 in the last 48 hours. Thanks for purchasing -- and please get your orders in now if you want one for Christmas before they run out!

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