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If you are looking for coverage on the Texas wind power fiasco, scroll down or click here.

Too bad the turbines don't spin as well as wind power's advocates.


  1. Hello Mike,

    First I greatly enjoyed you book Warnings. Being from KC (a few years younger than you), visiting the NSSFC while in High School, and eventually starting my avocational training at OU in Meteorology it brought back some great memories. Although I did not complete my degree at OU I can still remember Rex Inman and Howie Bluestein tell stories about what happened in the "Old Days".

    I could not put this book down and read it in the matter of a few hours. Finally finishing it at 3:00am. It was very well written, and kept my interest (obviously)with ease. The great strides made in Operational Meteorology both in the private and public institutions truly has saved thousands of lives and property. If you ever come to Iowa to speak I would like to know and have an opportunity to listen.

    Richard Percifield

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your compliment on "Warnings." As you could tell, it was a labor of love.

    Please go to www.mikesmithenterprises.com and give us your contact information and we'll let you know the next time we are in Iowa.



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