Global Warming: Words or Deeds?

Screen capture from ABC News .
London during President Trump's recent visit
As Al Gore and the Hollywood anti-global warming set continue to fly on their private jets (giving them the highest possible carbon footprints) and while protesters during Donald Trump's recent London trip complained about America's lack of participation in international climate agreements, let's look at what is occurring in the real world: America -- without participating in the climate agreements -- continues to lead the world in decrease in greenhouse gasses.

Take a good look at the graph below. Now, take a second look.
Free enterprise has produced far, far more of a reduction in greenhouse gas than any of the nations in the treaties. It isn't even close.

Currently, we have the lowest rate of extreme poverty in the entire history of the world. We have the lowest level of death by war or violence in world history. The environment gets better by the year. 

It appears to me the choice is words or action. As Glenn Reynolds wrote earlier today,

“Consider this: The United States — the nation that activists constantly decry as not taking the challenge of climate change seriously enough, the nation that allegedly is dilatory in mobilizing its government and national resources to combat a mortal threat to our planet, and the nation that continues to grow in population and national output — also happens to lead the world in reducing carbon emissions. And it’s not close.”

Yes, but if you do it without empowering the political class it doesn’t count, because the whole point of the doomsaying is to empower the political class.

I could not agree more.


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