No One Cares About Global Warming


I get in big trouble with my fellow atmospheric scientists every time I say that, "No one cares about global warming. Some used to care but they don't anymore because because the issue has been 'oversold'."

There is a new Gallup survey, taken this month, indicates exactly that: no one cares about global warming. Details are here.

I've bumped this because of MSNBC's Chris Hayes' comments yesterday about global warming coverage. I'll post those for you to view and then make a few more comments below.

 "Ratings killer" to MSNBC's liberal-leaning audience = no one cares about global warming.

As I have previously written, it might be that global warming is a dire problem. However, the people who have been hectoring us for the last quarter century have been so dishonest and unethical that the rest of us have been completely turned off to the subject.

My personal opinion is that it is a mild to moderate (net) problem that can largely be dealt with through adaption. Spending literally trillions as those same advocates demand is unnecessary. However, I remain open-minded.


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