You Can Tell It Is Political Season....

...because our landline is ringing off the wall. We have Nomorobo (I highly recommend it) which stops the 785-area code calls (Topeka) and the 202-area code calls (Washington, DC) as well as the vast majority of scam calls.

Nevertheless, the phone still rings one time before Nomorobo cuts it off. Why? "I thought there was a national Do Not Call List that keeps those calls from getting through?", you say. Politicians have exempted themselves from the "Do Not Call" list (of course). If 785/202 area codes are accurate measures, we had eight political calls in a single day last week.

I wonder why politicians believe p-ssing people off in their homes is a good way to get votes?

Just did a little research: While President Trump has recorded calls for others this election season, a search of "Donald Trump robo calls during 2016 campaign" on Google and Duck Duck Go reveals that few of those calls were made by the Trump campaign. At our home, I believe we got one Hillary call and I do not believe we received any Trump calls (of course, some of these calls may have been cut off).

It has been said many times that Trump ran an "unconventional campaign." This article says,

THERE'S A WAY TO WIN A modern campaign, conventional wisdom goes. Start out by raising pots of money, both to seed your early campaigning and to scare off would-be challengers. Hire a team of seasoned (and well-paid) professionals – strategists who can tell you where and when to campaign, ad makers who can produce sophisticated TV spots and tell you when to air them, and pollsters who can micro-target the groups of voters you will need to build a winning base of support. Make sure you have a millennial-friendly website, too, with links to events and volunteer opportunities, in English and Spanish, to attract Latino voters.

Hillary Clinton did all of that. And she lost anyway. Meanwhile, Donald Trump ran a defiantly anti-professional campaign, heavily driven by his own, politically inexperienced strategy and favoring big, boisterous rallies over classic get-out-the-vote activities.
Perhaps an insight of now-President Trump's was that calling people in their homes, often during dinner, no longer works.


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