The Climate Ghouls Descend on West Virginia

In the wake of the catastrophic West Virginia floods, the climate ghouls have swept in to, as they say in the District of Columbia, "never let a crisis go to waste." Specifically,
Extreme weather has become more frequent? Okay, for about the thousandth time, it isn't true!!


Let's start with tornadoes. We use violent tornadoes because radar upgrades, storm chasers, etc., make the weaker tornadoes' records less reliable.
Violent tornadoes are down. It turns out there was a tornado near Charleston this afternoon so I expect the ghouls will spin that, too.

See the upward trend? No? That is because there isn't one. And, if you take the number of "major" hurricanes, the number in the 2010's is literally zero.

And, since 2010, we were supposed to have the worst drought in 1000 years. We are still waiting.

Here is the official Palmer Drought Index as of July 2. Whoops again!
Orange is drought. Green = wetter than normal conditions.

My gosh, how often do these people -- literally ghouls who ambulance chase every human tragedy -- have to be wrong?! But, they don't care about truth. It is about manipulating peoples' emotions when they are must vulnerable. It is about keeping the (literally) billions rolling in.  


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