Special Bulletin

Since it is hot over much of the nation and no major severe weather is forecast anywhere, I'll provide this special bulletin.
Dave Barry is coming to Wichita.

Yes, Dave Barry (his latest report on the Republican convention is here) will be here the evening of September 13, Abode Venue, at 7:00. The full details are here. He will be promoting his new book, "Best State Ever: A Florida Man Defends His Homeland" which will be published the day before.

I usually buy Dave's latest book when I go on vacation and Kathleen (and the flight attendants) get upset with me because I am laughing out loud during the 'safety' ("to buckle the seat belt, insert --AHH-HAH-HAH -- the metal tab into the...") demonstration and the rest of the flight.

So, come join Dave, Kathleen and me at Abode. I don't know whether Kathleen will tell Dave to add a "do not read during the safety demonstration" warning to the cover of his books. If she does, it should add to the festivities.


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