"Global Warming: What's Not to Like??"

This is such good news it should be leading the newscasts around the world! And, given the news today, we could certainly use a shot of good news.

Major improvements in global food security over the course of the next decade should see hunger levels drop sharply in developing countries, as people are better able to obtain and afford food, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has predicted.
According to new projections, dropping food prices and rising income levels will improve food security in 76 low- and middle-income countries. Right now, 17 percent of the population in developing countries overall don't have adequate access to food, but by 2026, that number should drop to just 6 percent, says the USDA.
  • Lowest level of global hunger in world history? Yes!
  • Tornadoes? Down.
  • Hurricanes? Down. 
  • U.S. farm belt rainfall? Up. 
  • Worst Great Plains drought in 1000 years? Hasn't happened. 
  • Increase in the rate of sea level rise? Nope. 
New slogan: Global warming: What's not to like??


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