How Many Companies Boast About Their Vendors??

“With the safety and security of our employees our No. 1 priority, AccuWeather’s early storm detection allows us to be more proactive with our work force and business operations,” said Rick Puckett, Ford director, corporate safety, in a press release.

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You know a company does an extraordinary job for its clients when the the client boasts about its relationship with a vendor. AccuWeather has been the beneficiary of two such "boasts" in just the last six months!

Many of you have seen this commercial by Microsoft about its relationship with AccuWeather as well as similarly-themed ads in airports across the world and other in other venues.

Last week, Ford Motor Company issued a release about its relationship with AccuWeather. Here is a portion of an article from the Kansas City Star, localized for the Ford factory in their area:

More recently, the alerts included tornados, high winds and lightning.
“It has made a big difference for us,” Small said.
The way it works, Small said, is all the Ford plants are plotted out on AccuWeather’s radar system. There is a 3-mile radius around each plant, and if a storm is tracking to intersect the 3-mile radius, AccuWeather will immediately give the Ford plant notification.
“When it comes to high wind and lightning, and we have outside work being done, we are able to get out there sooner, change up the work, provide protection, cancel it or whatever that may need to be done,” Small said. “It gives workers a stronger peace of mind now because of how specific the reporting and tracking is.”
The partnership has made a difference, especially during the winter. Although Kansas City doesn’t see the same amount of snow as Buffalo, it does have an occasional snowstorm.
“We have definitely reduced the number of injuries, being able to get out and plow and salt earlier,” Small said. “It gives us much better response capabilities and we are able to better exercise our general program and use of the facility. 
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You might wonder how we provide these life-saving services. Here's a story from October 15: A BNSF freight slips past the San Andreas Fault as it heads toward Barstow. In the background is a picturesque
thunderstorm that looks pretty to the eye. But, to AccuWeather's meteorologists, there was nothing pretty about it. Radar, lightning, and satellite data, as well as high humidity in the atmosphere, caused us to issue a flash flood warning for Union Pacific Railroad for a stretch of track in the Tehachapi Mountains between Bakersfield and Mojave.
Radar of the above thunderstorm at the time the warning was being issued.
Twenty minutes after we issued the warning, a sea of mud and debris stormed out of the mountains covering the track and California Highway 58. The track was under as much as 9 feet of mud. But, there was no train there to be derailed.
Highway 58, as photographed the next morning, is covered with mud and buried vehicles. The tracks in the background have already been cleared, in part because there was no train wreckage with which to deal.

The road was closed six days. The track was opened in just 36-hours. The full story is here.

Weather costs the U.S. economy nearly $500 billion each year. If your business is affected by weather -- and, most are -- contact . We'll help you save people, property and profits.


  1. The Microsoft ad is nothing more than citing a reference customer (in this case, AccuWeather) as a user of MSFT Cloud. All high tech companies do this - they cite a 'name' company that has a positive (or at worst, neutral) opinion in the public. For all we know Halliburton may be a user of MSFT Cloud but I can guarantee MSFT will never publish a commercial about Halliburton using the MSFT Cloud.

    The Ford story is a great customer use case. I'm sure all your reps are emailing the same link to all their prospects.

  2. Brian, do you think Microsoft would be touting us if we weren't a successful partner?

  3. Mike - you could be running the solution on Amazon CS, IBM, name it...the ad would be "AccuWeather responds to a billion of requests daily using xxx Cloud." Instead of winning a Microsoft Visionary Award, you'd win the equivalent with some other Big Data / PaaS vendor.

    From their perspective, you're successfully using their Big Data / PaaS Cloud solution. Hopefully it is contributing to AccuWeather's definition of success (customer retention, SLAs, profits...whatever it is.)


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