He Increasingly Comes Across as a James Bond Villain

Bill Gates:
  • Knows nothing about climate or atmospheric science.
  • Didn't graduate college.
  • Very high tech. 
  • "Representative democracy is a problem."
  • Doesn't like capitalism even though he became...
  • ...The richest man in the world because of capitalism. 
  • Has become a member of the climate cult.
  • Yet, as is typical of the climate cult, is a hypocrite because he has a 19-person personal jet
Details here

In case you are not familiar with James Bond villains, here is a summary:  these antagonists have taken on many forms. There have been psychotics, megalomaniacs, monopolists, thugs, billionaires and master manipulators to name just a few. Usually with some elaborate plan ranging from world domination, global genocide, extortion, revenge or simply good old money and greed, it’s always up to Bond to stop their villainous schemes. Sometimes adopting a very hands-on approach, stepping back and letting their henchmen do all the work, or full of deception and deceit, the villains are always adopting new and interesting ways to try and fulfil their master plan.



  1. I used to think that Bill Gates was paying lip service to the whole climate change movement. After all, climate change has the moral high ground in the circles he runs around in. Heresy or apostasy would not get you very far. Maybe I was naïve.

    The funny thing is that he says he has read every book by Vaclav Smil. Smil has written countless books on energy and energy transformation in society. Yet Bill Gates still doesn't get the problem with dilute, non-dispatchable, intermittent 'clean' energy??

    Here is Smil in a brief review:


    Maybe Bill should read this


    I just started. So far so good.


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