Special Update for Christmas Eve Travel

For those traveling to, from, or through (changing planes) in Chicago Wednesday, latest data indicates an increasing chance of accumulating snow and gusty winds, perhaps more than in my earlier update.

I realize this is quite different from other forecasts. For example the NWS is forecasting (for O'Hare):
I believe their ≤1/2 inch and 5 to 15 mph winds are both too low. 

Milwaukee will also see accumulating snow. 

My advice? Monitor your airline's web site tomorrow and see if waivers are issued. If so, and you can go tomorrow evening or early in the day Wednesday, you may wish to consider doing so. The other alternative is to route around the storm. For example, assume you are booked on United to change planes at O'Hare to go on to Grand Rapids. If there is space, route yourself through United's Denver hub (good weather on Wednesday) and fly to Grand Rapids from there. With waivers, the airlines have a lot of flexibility.

Highways would become quite hazardous if I am correct. Again, sooner is better. 

I will update in the morning. 


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