Excellent Rains in California

Here is the seven day rainfall to 4am PST:
Yes, that is a 15" total in northern California. And, the rains continue as shown on AccuWeather Regional Radar at 8:15am PST.

Addition: Map of 24-hour (not storm total) rainfall amounts to 10am PST.

Climate Central, part of Big Climate, tweeted this morning that there is a zero chance of the drought ending in California in the next six months (see below):
So, I offered a $100 bet the drought will end by May 12, 2015 (or before) and I only want 10:1 odds. If they believe this is a global warming drought (I don't, it is just a repeat of the '70's drought) and the odds are zero then this bet is tremendously in their favor. I'll report what I hear as soon as I hear it.

Addition: I just saw a post that, not only the California drought is caused by global warming, this rain is caused by global warming! Global warming: Rain. Drought. Hot. Cold. Snow. No snow. Is there anything it can't do?


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