Rough Outlook for Christmas Eve

While there is a lot that can go wrong with a 7-day winter storm forecast, this is important enough that we want to give you an idea of what things may look like on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day.

6am Wednesday

8pm Wednesday

If this is an accurate, or nearly accurate, forecast then air travel will be a mess throughout the region due to high winds and rain/snow.

We are bringing this to your attention now so you can make alternate plans:
  1. If you have plane tickets, the airlines will likely issue "waivers" in advance which will let you change your tickets without fee. I strongly recommend (keep watching the blog) getting there before the storm. 
  2. If you can't get an earlier flight, consider driving or Amtrak before the storm. 
Here is my airline crisis travel guide which I recommend reading now so you have the tools you need to adjust if this forecast is confirmed. 


  1. Few things:

    1. Thursday is Christmas DAY, not Christmas EVE. Is this forecast for Wednesday or Thursday?

    2. I've never ever ever seen an airline issue a waiver 7 days in advance.

    3. Wind and rain causes less delays than snow. I've never seen an airport plow rain.

    4. Good luck finding an open seat if you do get the chance to rebook. I was out east during the Christmas storm of 2010 and I was lucky I flew out of Philly. The NYC airports were closed for a day or so and flights were impossible to get.

  2. 1. Correct, thanks for catching my error. Corrected.

    2. Neither have I, thus the "will likely issue" wording.

    3. Strongly disagree in this case. With the short runways at EWR, LGA and other airports in the northeast rain and wind can cause major delays.

    4. Can't hurt to try.


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